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quinta-feira, outubro 11, 2018

{Limerence} Ksyu hair @Blush
Izzie's - Face & Body Blood & Wounds

.•.Clothes & Props.•.
Phedora ~ Bloopy heels @Collabor88

.•.My Love.•.
Hair: Stealthic - Haunting
Coat: GALVANIZED. TopCoat 
Pants: //Ascend// Tyler Pants / Caramel
Shoes: //Ascend// Triple Monk Shoes / Coffee

::GB:: Doberman A
::GB:: Doberman B

LAGOM - Murder & Bowties
Kalopsia - 7 Years Bad Luck Mirror & Frames @Collabor88
:BAMSE: Zombie Survival Kit @The Arcade Gacha
- Shotgun
- Case
- Guide
- Lockpicks
- Rope
- Molotov
-  Shells
- Lighter
:BAMSE: Hunter Gacha - Storm Lantern
:BAMSE: Heist - Military Case [OPENED]
:BAMSE: Sharpshooter - Ammo Box
:BAMSE: Sharpshooter - Sniper Rifle RARE
:BAMSE: Sharpshooter - Sidearm [MODDED] RARE
:BAMSE: Apex - Bloody
:BAMSE: Thermal Goggles - Leo
:BAMSE:Gunslinger - Gardener
:BAMSE: Personal Cannon Case - Opened RARE
:BAMSE: Ninja Gear - Kusarigama
:BAMSE: Ninja Gear - Nunchaku
:BAMSE: Ninja Gear - Kunai
:BAMSE: Ninja Gear - Shurikens
:BAMSE: Stick XL - Snake
:BAMSE: Stick XL - Classic
:BAMSE: Trench Knife - Golden RARE
:BAMSE: Monster Hunter - Arsenic
:BAMSE: Baron Mask - Panda
:BAMSE: Tactical Gear - Flashbang
:BAMSE: Tactical Gear - Flashlight Mod

Thank to my love to do this post with me ♥ 

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