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sábado, junho 10, 2017

Look Left
Magika - Hunter
Look Right
Exile - Be My Baby @Collabor88

.•.Clothes & Props.•.
Look Left
#EMPIRE - Summer Time - Bikini 2 @The Arcade Gacha
::ROC:: Sabrina Tiptoe
[Cubic Cherry] {Mako} sunglasses @Collabor88
. tiptoes - Pearl Rose Necklace
#EMPIRE - Summer Time - Softice @The Arcade Gacha
Look Right
Sweet Thing. IttyBitty Bikini Gacha @The Arcade Gacha
[Cubic Cherry] {Mako} sunglasses @Collabor88
#EMPIRE - Summer Time - Cup Heart @The Arcade Gacha

Astralia - Pink Dreams gacha @The Arcade Gacha
CHEZ MOI - Vintage Lounger @Cosmopolitan
Sweet Thing. Black Kitty Floaty @The Arcade Gacha
Pink Kitty, Yellow Kitty, Shiba, Tiger Kitty, Pizza Floaty
#EMPIRE - Summer Time - Floating Tire 1 @The Arcade Gacha
#EMPIRE - Summer Time - Floating Tire 2 @The Arcade Gacha
+Half-Deer+ Starbreeze Palm Tree [Natural] @Collabor88

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