LOTD 649

quinta-feira, fevereiro 16, 2017

Tableau Vivant \\ Bun pigtails add-on @Kustom9
Tableau Vivant \\ Cinderella Catwa Hair Base @Enchantment
^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ear
[PF] LOGO/OMEGA LIPSTICK Applier - Fresh Lip Tints

.•.Clothes & Props.•.
Belle Epoque { Call The Midwife } @The Chapter Four

*ionic* Sunshine Cottage RARE
+Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtain (White)
{Bad Seed} Bebe's Bassinet - {Shabby} Pink
{Bad Seed} Vintage Settee
+Half-Deer+ Slumber Lamp - Cat - Calico
.tsg. Sickly Beary
.tsg. Nurse Sugar Medic Kit
.tsg. Nurse Sugar Syringe
Alouette - Candy First Aid Kit
Birdy - Boudoir - Rug White (I change the color editing)

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