LOTD 636

sábado, fevereiro 04, 2017

[^.^Ayashi^.^] Eriko hair
Clothes & Props
DAMI HANBOK GACHA Rare *2 @Shiny Shabby
DAMI HANBOK GACHA -shoes *5 @Shiny Shabby
DAMI HANBOK GACHA -hat *3 @Shiny Shabby
7 [[RH]] Cat (Gray) CHIGURA
[[RH]] Cat (Red) ONSEN
13 [[RH]] Wool (GAMAGUCHI) in cat -TSUBAKI-
15 [[RH]] Cat Family (01)
16 [[RH]] ZABUTON A (sit)
8f8 - silent conversations - Fish Pond RARE
8f8 - silent conversations - Sakura Tree RARE
8f8 - silent conversations - Koi Kohaku
8f8 - silent conversations - Koi Ochiba
8f8 - silent conversations - Koi Aka Bekko
8f8 - silent conversations - Koi Ki Bekko
8f8 - Single Young Sakura PINK with Beads (No shadow)
[we're CLOSED] balloon swing white
[we're CLOSED] grass field lush
+Half-Deer+ Xiong Mao / Panda - I'm on a Boat! (Plain Paper)
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass03 - yellow green
HPMD* Dirt Road/curve - brown
-FG- Cherry tree 3 prim

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