LOTD 584

domingo, dezembro 04, 2016

[Mello] Pretty Creature
. offbeat . peach mellow : momo head rare neko smile @Sanarae
1. ^^Swallow^^ Unicorn Magic White RARE @The Arcade

Clothes & Props
[BB] Winter Miracles Caged Corset Physique Golden RARE @The Arcade
ANE Whimsical Heels @Whimsical
[Black Bantam] Miracles Halo Head Deco @The Arcade
SPELL : Galactica
Vega Necklace, Pegasus & Orion Bracelet, Lyra Elara Cressida e Calypso rings.

[Black Bantam] Miracle Angel Baby Wings Girl 02 @The Arcade

SPELL : Galactica
THE DOME, Portals to other dimensions, Stones from other galaxies, Nebulosa {Perseus} & {Leia}
[BB] Winter Wonderland Carriage Clutch Gold @The Arcade
SPELL : Healing Crystals {gold}

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