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segunda-feira, novembro 28, 2016

Beusy x Astralia: Aza Hair & Earmufss - RARE @Kustom9

Clothes & Props
LOTUS. Chic Pearl Set - Nude @Shiny Shabby
=Zenith=Leather Short Boots with Socks @Uber
Beusy x Astralia: Eco-Fur Neck Scarf (Beige)- COMMON @Kustom9
Beusy x Astralia:Eco-Fur Gloves (Beige) - COMMON @Kustom9
Beusy x Astralia: Chocolate Mug (Bitch Please) - COMMON @Kustom9

Alchemy. Snow Queen - Polar Bear - Companion -Blush

Fashiowl - Xmas Puppies - Wear - Pose 1 @Tannenbaum

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