LOTD 559

domingo, novembro 06, 2016

Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara
TattooMania / T-02 / Opacity

Clothes & Props

ED. FilRougeCorset Black
=Zenith=Steampunk Waist Pack with Legging (Black) @Tres Chic
Essenz - Hamburg
[ Obscure ] - Steampunk Hat (Brown)
Izzie's - Good Old Glasses  @Geeks n Nerds
~MR~ Sun & Moon Set
~MR~HIRMS bracelet 
[NikotiN] Pipe Medieval (Brown)

[Black Bantam] The Hilarious Professor Pug @Geeks n Nerds

IONIC ALQUIMIA complet set
IONIC : The Apothecary complet set

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