LOTD 440

segunda-feira, julho 04, 2016

. offbeat . Mesh Head 02 : Secret limited edition
Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara

Sallie - Language/ Crystal Heart/Costume for Lara & AO/ RARE @The Crystal Heart
Complet Outifit

2.Sallie - Language/Crystal Heart/Wand & Pose @The Crystal Heart
6.Sallie - Language/Crystal Heart/HairBand & Poses Pink @The Crystal Heart
10.Sallie - Language/Crystal Heart/Glasses & AO Pink @The Crystal Heart
13.Sallie - Language/Crystal Heart/Star Pose Stand @The Crystal Heart
15.Sallie - Language/Crystal Heart/Moon Seat @The Crystal Heart
+Half-Deer+ Innocence and Purity Necklace - Princess
{BunBun} Magical Phone - Ribbon Purple @The Crystal Heart

[Black Bantam] My Little Unicorn - Natural Horn Pink
Fawny - Heavenly Horses - 4 @The Crystal Heart
Fawny - Heavenly Horses - 13 @The Crystal Heart

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